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Blockchain Solutions

GigBound is a proud provider of a suite of blockchain solutions. Our blockchain consultancy team provides solutions with smart contract support, distributed ledger technology, coding & development and training. Using our blockchain knowledge, we can provide a suite of intelligent solutions.

We provide insights to professionals and bright minds on blockchain platforms and relevant digital transformations which in turn equip them to conquer the digital era. Our Current Projects include:

Track & Trace for Logistics

Live tracking and provenance tracking of perishables and high value assets

Gaming Crypto Exchange

Using blockchain to decentralise the selling of gaming assets such as skins, weapons and tools

Digital Identity

Decentralised Digital Identity Services for where citizens can secure their credentials like certificates and attestation in their wallet

Agro Marketplace

Marketplace to connect the farmers and landlords with the agronomics capability to enable ease of farming

Tokenisation of Players

Applicable in cricket and football games where players can be tokenized and gamified for potential revenue

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